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I seem to have been immersed in the cyber land of chat programs.

If, for some odd reason, you wish to contact me, you can do so via the program known as AOL Instant Messenger.

My screen name is Ice Chemicals.

If you message me just to bother me, I will personally freeze off your testicles.
Yeah, man, I would absolutely hate it if you froze my testicles off unpersonally. Question though. What if a girl messages you just to bother you?
...The only girl I know of is XII.
And I'd freeze her to death.
Plain and simple.
Oh, okay. Cool.
...Very well placed pun.
*basks in the glory of ultimate punnage*
Don't bask too long. You may get a sunburn.
...or a punburn.
Iceburn, baby.
Are you suggesting that you are...aroused by such a thing?
.. .. Stop it, dude, you're freaking me the hell out.
Seriously man, you'd love it if I were, wouldn't you.