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I am currently trying to find out if III and VI are alive.
I have found II and I will be making contact with him shortly.
I certainly hope that VIII, XI and XII did not survive.
I wonder if anyone else made it through.
Perhaps V.
Or maybe even the Superior.

My scalpal craves blood
I am taking a rest from experiments today.
I think I shall read my books instead.
It is more relaxing for my genius mind.
I must not make it overload, after all.
If VIII were here, I'd torture him into insanity

I need more stimulating conversation that only V and VI can bring.
Or III's company was always pleasant.

I must find them.
Oh my - It's nice to see that our dislike of each other is mutual you're alive and well, Four.
...How did you find me, Eleven?

I see you haven't changed much.

Are you doing well for yourself?
As well as could be expected.
And I see you have survived as well.
Still tending to your massive gardens and ordering around your superiors?
Dudes. Dudes. Don't make me get the water-hose.

Marly. DOWN, girlboy.
Vexen. We have names. Names. Use 'em.
My apologies, Xigbar.
It's a force of habit to use the numbers.

...but I must say in my defence I was attacked first.
By greeting you with harmful intent kindly? I dare say I've missed tormenting you your charm.
THE HOSE, Marluxia.
Vexen, quit playing the martyr.

Seriously, stand down. Bicker where I can't see it.
As you wish, Xigbar.
Very well then, Xigbar.
I'm flattered that I seem to evoke such concern, number Four. Is there anything in particular you needed to discuss with me?
Number Three...
Well...it shouldn't really be a surprise that you managed to survive.
How are you faring?
I am going insaner, thank you very much. There is no water or wind on Murano, only sun.
I can see how that would drive you mad.

You're on Murano? That's quite far from Kinta, unfortunately.
Regardless, it does please me to see you intact...for the most part.
I can't for my life see why.
Because you are one of the original six. And if 3 of the six survive, then that brings me the thought that perhaps Six survived or Five.
Also, you brought up lovely conversation.
.. .. ..
Who, among us, out of the Superior and Two, are alive?