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I'm...not quite sure what happened in the past several hours.
Not at all.
But I can't say that I don't like it.

I'm also not sure how it happened.

I am a scientist. I am supposed to have answers to the questions. I am supposed to find answers to the questions.
At this moment, when I try to find answers, I bring up more questions.
This is not how science is supposed to work.

But this isn't science.
I am on foreign grounds right now.

I think I am in need of some Chai iced tea...

This is really a very, very nice laptop.
I seem to have been immersed in the cyber land of chat programs.

If, for some odd reason, you wish to contact me, you can do so via the program known as AOL Instant Messenger.

My screen name is Ice Chemicals.

If you message me just to bother me, I will personally freeze off your testicles.

Never EVER drink Xemnas' old herbal teas that you brought with you.
It makes one ill.

Also, I need to get new contacts.
And perhaps some glasses.
III is alive and well it seems.
And on Murano. Quite a pity.
I would have liked to plan a meeting with him.

It's quite interesting how simple it is to find people via this method.
Though I have yet to find Six.
Perhaps I should take a break from my searchings and focus on my research once more.

I have many experiments yet to perform.
So many things and so little time to do them all.
I would like my assistants back.
Perhaps I could get some work done.

I think I shall take up some reading before going back to my work.
Once I start again, I will not be able to focus on anything but the work.

Also, I do love this downloaded music.
I usually am not one for listening to music, but it is nice to hear some again.
I am currently trying to find out if III and VI are alive.
I have found II and I will be making contact with him shortly.
I certainly hope that VIII, XI and XII did not survive.
I wonder if anyone else made it through.
Perhaps V.
Or maybe even the Superior.

My scalpal craves blood
I am taking a rest from experiments today.
I think I shall read my books instead.
It is more relaxing for my genius mind.
I must not make it overload, after all.
If VIII were here, I'd torture him into insanity

I need more stimulating conversation that only V and VI can bring.
Or III's company was always pleasant.

I must find them.
Under an unfortunate circumstance, Specimen 13 has expired.
A stronger shock to his brain caused him to go into a coma.
He then suffered from cardiac arrest.
I could have revived him, but then he would be a damaged specimen.
Those who expire stay expired.

My specimens begin to bore me.
I want something new and fresh.
And yet, currently, all I can obtain are the weak.
Perhaps I need to build up my technology.
Make stronger artifical intelligence cyborgs.
Yes...with stronger cyborgs, I can obtain stronger specimens.

I need stronger specimens to continue my research.
Very few specimens remain in my holding cells.
I will need to fix that.
I have completed the final touches on my laboratory and have begun experiments on my first male specimen.
Age 24.
Testing pain tolerance with fire and extreme cold.
Testing the lasting power of his sanity.

The specimen is quite beautiful.
It's a shame to damage such lovely skin
It's a pleasure to damage such lovely skin.
He screams rather loud though.
I may have to cut out his vocal chords.
A scalpal would help in the prodcedure.
I would need a new lab coat after though.
Blood stains white too easily.

The screams tend to activate my migraines.
A gag would be preferred.

I shall post more results at a later time.